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The Interiors Handbook for Historic Buildings, Volume II


This 450 page illustrated handbook is a ready reference tool on the restoration and rehabilitation of historic interiors.  The Handbook is divided into eight sections: Planning; Architectural Features and Materials; Finishes and Accessories; Systems and Fixtures; Fire Protection and Codes; Adaptive Reuse; Manufacturers, Sources and Literature; Annotated Bibliograpy. The Handbook is designed to be used, expanded, updated, and personalized by its owner in response to a growing and changing field.

Published in 1993 by HPEF and the National Park Service.

Table of Contents and Front Matter

Chapter 1 - Planning

Chapter 2 - Maintenance and Protection

Chapter 3 - Architectural and Mechanical Features

Chapter 4 - Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Chapter 5 - Wall Coverings and Textiles

Chapter 6 - Paints and Consolidants

Chapter 7 - Fixtures and Furnishings

Chapter 8 - General Reference


The first volume contains over 500 pages of practical information on restoring and rehabilitating historic interiors with sections on inspection and planning; architectural features and materials; systems and fixtures; adaptive reuse; finishes and decorative accessories; and fire protection and codes. Useful information and guidance is provided for architects, interior designers, curators, conservators, property owners, and building managers. Includes a company directory and annotated bibliography.

Published in 1988 by HPEF.

Table of Contents

Digital download (45MB PDF).