The conferences, workshops, and symposia that HPEF has initiated and supported over the past thirty years have addressed crucial issues in the field of historic preservation. Along with its various partners, HPEF has been early to identify emerging trends and new challenges in rehabilitation and preservation practice.

On topics ranging from the treatment of historic windows and roofs, to interior spaces, building codes, and tax incentives, HPEF has long sought to connect preservation advocates, administrators, and building and design professionals. HPEF co-sponsored initiatives were among the first to encourage the preservation of postwar and recreation and entertainment resources. Papers and other related materials from the various conferences have been collected into published proceedings and conference notebooks. Many of these are now available for free as pdf downloads. See the publications pages for sample papers, tables of contents, download links, and information on ordering print versions. 

For a complete list of HPEF co-sponsored conferences, see the Activities page.