Interiors Conference Series

National Building Museum-Photo by JosephA-Flickr

National Building Museum-Photo by JosephA-Flickr

While the exteriors of older buildings have often received widespread attention, the interiors of historic buildings have not been given the same recognition. HPEF, along with the National Park Service, the American Society of Interior Designers, and more than a dozen other sponsors and cooperating organizations, organized the first national Interiors Conference and Exposition for Historic Buildings in 1988. It was followed by a second Interiors Conference in 1993.

Each of the conferences featured more than eighty experts from the United States and abroad, in sessions on Inspection, Evaluation, and Planning; Architectural Features and Materials; Systems and Fixtures; Space Utilization and Adaptive Reuse; Finishes and Decorative Accessories; and Fire Protection and Codes.

Both conferences also included demonstrations of preservation techniques, behind-the-scene tours, and expositions featuring over sixty select preservation product and service exhibitors from North America and Europe.

1993 Interiors Conference and Exposition for Historic Buildings II Program

Specially-prepared handbooks were provided to participants in the interiors conferences. They include conference presentations, annotated bibliographies, and information on various federal preservation programs and standards. A table of contents and online ordering information for the second interiors conference handbook are available on the Interiors publication page.