Preserve and Play Conference Proceedings

Recreation and entertainment help define the American way of life. Reflecting this importance and our desire to relax and play, recreation sites, structures, and landscapes have proliferated over the past century. The 2005 conference Preserve and Play was the first national forum to explore and promote effective ways of preserving this heritage. The conference papers presented in this 350-page illustrated paperback book help explain how to evaluate historic recreation resources, apply traditional and innovative preservation strategies, and undertake successful conservation and rehabilitation work. Published in 2006 by the HPEF, National Council for Preservation Education, and the National Park Service.

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Sample Papers:
Take Me Out to the Ball Park: The Restoration and Revitalization of Rickwood Field

The Analysis and Restoration of the WPA Outbuildings in the Wissahickon Valley

Front Matter (including Table of Contents)

Chapter 1: History

Chapter 2: Evaluation and Documentation

Chapter 3: Advocacy and Management

Chapter 4: Adaptation and Continuing Use

Chapter 5: Landscape, Parks, and Water Facilities

Chapter 6: Recent Past Recreation

Chapter 7: Technical Issues and Solutions