Windows Through Time Exhibit

Changes in the construction and appearance of American windows over the last three centuries have reflected the crafts and technology of the time as well as the popularity of particular window styles.  As one of the most important and prominent features of historic buildings—both inside and out—window’s have windows have begun to receive the same attention as other more decorative architectural element. “Windows Through Time” is a project of the Historic Preservation Education Foundation to catalog and document historic windows which illustrate many of the major changes to windows from 1630s to the 1950s.  This catalog project is intended to foster a public understanding and appreciation of windows in historic buildings—their appearance and operation, their construction and design, and their historic evolution.  A rare glimpse into one of the most neglected yet important features of historic buildings, “Window Through Time” recognizes the historic significance of windows and stimulates public efforts for more sensitive preservation and rehabilitation work today.