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Window Rehabilitation Guide for Historic Buildings

This publication is the most comprehensive guide available on the preservation and rehabilitation of windows in historic buildings. Containing over 600 pages of valuable information, it covers appropriate window treatments and provides technical guidance for architects, building managers, contractors, and property owners. Topics include code compliance, energy conservation, maintenance, custom fabrication, repair techniques, and historic technology. It includes a glossary, bibliography, and special 40-page directory of companies. Published in 1997 by HPEF and National Park Service.

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Table of Contents and Front Matter

Chapter 1 - Guidelines and References (86MB)

Chapter 2 - History and Technology (37MB)

Chapter 3 - Planning and Specifications (29MB)

Chapter 4 - Energy and Codes (50MB)

Chapter 5 - Maintenance and Rehabilitation Techniques (38MB)

Chapter 6 - Manufacturers and Sources (30MB)

The Window Handbook: Successful Strategies for Rehabilitating Windows in Historic Buildings

Technical guidance and a series of brief-well-illustrated case studies (NPS Preservation Tech Notes) are included in this popular 190 page handbook. It covers both innovative and traditional methods for restoring and rehabilitating windows. Subjects include maintenance, repair, weatherization, double glazing historic windows, window replacement, standards and guidelines, and window accessories. Published in 1991, revised in 2008.

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Table of Contents

Complete Handbook (29MB)

Windows Workbook for Historic Buildings

Published in 1986 to accompany the first Window Conference and Exposition for Historic Buildings in Boston, Massachusetts, the Window Workbook features many of the papers presented at the conference, as well as reprints of historic and contemporary materials. Until the conference, little information on the repair of existing historic windows or on appropriate replacement windows was available. The publication is comprised of eight sections: Preservation Requirements; Historic Technology; Planning; Energy; Repair; Replacement; Hardware, Glass and Accessories; and Manufacturers' Sources and Literature. 

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