AIA Learning Units Available for NPS Preservation Brief Quizzes

Preservation Brief 37
Preservation Brief 37

HPEF is pleased to announce a new opportunity for Continuing Education Credits through the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Learning units meeting the requirements of the AIA Continuing Education System are available online through a series of quizzes based on the National Park Service Preservation Briefs. The quizzes are a collaborative project of the Historic Preservation Education Foundation and the AIA Historic Resources Committee.

The Preservation Briefs are an ongoing series of publications by the U.S. National Park Service that provides guidance on preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring historic buildings. Preservation Briefs cover a wide range of topics; many contain information relevant to non-historic as well as historic buildings. They are a valuable resource for architects and other professionals working in preservation, as well as the renovation, repair, and maintenance of non-historic buildings.

In addition to obtaining Learning Units, readers will expand their knowledge of issues involved in the preservation of historic buildings and gain valuable technical information about the investigation and treatment of a wide range of materials used in older and contemporary buildings.  The first two quizzes in the series are available online at the AIA Historic Resources Committee web site  (see below), and are based on Preservation Brief No. 43 – The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports, and Preservation Brief No. 44 – The Use of Awnings on Historic Buildings: Repair, Replacement and New Design. Additional quizzes will be available soon.

The NPS Preservation Briefs are available in print copy for a nominal fee from the U.S. Government Printing Office and online free of charge at the National Park Service web site. The quizzes can be taken after reading either the print or online version of each brief.

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